Scottish Parliament evidence session on police facial recognition

Big Brother Watch Team / December 5, 2019

We were invited to give evidence to the Scottish Parliament at the Justice Sub-Committee on Policing, after submitting evidence to their inquiry on Facial recognition: how policing in Scotland makes use of this technology

Our legal and policy officer Griff Ferris spoke about the human rights concerns and how live facial recognition surveillance is incompatible with the right to privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of association. He informed the committee about how police in England and Wales have indiscriminately scanned 100,000s of innocent people, and directly targeted peaceful protestors and people with mental health problems.

He also told the harrowing story of how a 14 year old black schoolboy in school uniform was misidentified and detained by undercover police at a facial recognition surveillance deployment in east London earlier this year.

See the highlights below:

The full session is available here.