Spectator – Why is YouTube silencing David Davis?

Big Brother Watch Team / October 14, 2021

Today a joint committee of MPs and peers sit down to discuss regulating social media companies through the introduction of the Online Safety Bill. With exquisite timing, YouTube sparked a social media backlash after censoring one of the most respected Conservative MPs, David Davis.

In the video in question civil liberties defender David Davis MP makes a speech during an event hosted by Big Brother Watch. In the speech, Davis promotes Covid vaccine efficacy, but warns that Covid IDs are ‘illiberal, demanding that we, as ordinary British citizen, produce our papers to do something which is normal in our daily lives.’

Big Brother Watch, which is leading the national campaign against domestic Covid passes, has said that the group has never received enforcement from YouTube or any social media platform before, and is mounting an appeal to the company’s decision.

The Spectator – Why is YouTube censoring David Davis?

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