TalkRadio – Police live facial recognition is a threat to freedom

Big Brother Watch Team / May 14, 2019

Our legal and policy officer, Griff Ferris, spoke to the Matthew Wright show about the Metropolitan Police’s use of live facial recognition and the threat it poses to people’s freedoms as it gives police the power “to identify and track people”.

“It is really concerning that the police are pressing ahead with using this authoritarian surveillance tool. It will be a turning point for civil liberties in the UK if police decide to roll it out permanently. It would mean members of the public would be tracked through Britain’s CCTV network.”

“There is a myriad of reasons why – even if this technology was to become accurate – it would be even more concerning. We think that it is incompatible with human rights that technology should be able to scan people’s faces. It would treat everyone’s face like a fingerprint. We would be constantly monitored and tracked by police.”

TalkRadio: CCTV facial recognition ‘is a threat to freedom’