The Telegraph – Southern Co-op expands use of ‘Orwellian’ facial recognition technology

Big Brother Watch Team / December 3, 2021

Members of the public are being targeted by intrusive live facial recognition cameras as Southern Co-op increases the number of stores using this controversial tech.

The Southern Co-op has doubled the amount of live facial recognition in its stores across eight cities and towns, in a move that they say will ‘protect store colleagues from appalling attacks.’

Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, said:

“The Co-op’s growing use of Orwellian facial recognition surveillance abuses customers’ rights and must be urgently stopped,” she said.

“The supermarket is adding customers to secret watch lists with no due process, meaning people can be blacklisted and denied the opportunity to do their food shopping despite being innocent.

” This is a deeply unethical and frankly chilling way for any business to behave.”

The Telegraph – Supermarket chain turns to ‘Orwellian’ facial recognition cameras to bag thieves