The Daily Mail – 36,420 individuals were scanned in a Live Facial Recognition trial run by the MET police

Big Brother Watch Team / July 19, 2022

The deployment of facial recognition systems in Oxford Circus resulted in more than 36,000 individuals being scanned against a watch-list comprising of 6,747 suspects. Of this number, only one individual was identified by the systems, which turned out to be a false match. July saw a total of 105,000 faces being scanned, with 4 people being arrested.

Director of Big Brother Watch, Silkie Carlo, commented in a panel session conducted by the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee that ‘This is an example of an area where police use of technology and data collection has completely outstripped legislation because there is no explicit legislation for the use of live facial recognition at all.”

‘They scanned the faces of over 36,000 members of the public and had not one match, and they had one incorrect match. That individual then had to prove their innocence to the police.’

Face recognition cameras were used on 36,420 people in just ONE shopping area last weekend, MPs said.