The Guardian – Anonymous users could face limited communications on social media

Big Brother Watch Team / February 25, 2022

Social media users could be cut off from communicating with other accounts if they do not provide ID verification under new changes to the Online Safety Bill.

Popular social media sites will be required to enforce the option of giving users the chance to opt in or opt out from receiving messages and replies from users who have not verified their accounts.

Users would have to verify their accounts using state-issued ID or by using two-factor authentication.

Big Brother Watch, a privacy campaign group, said the proposed change represented another move towards an ID scheme for the internet. “The government’s plans to undermine online anonymity will do untold damage to privacy and free speech rights in the UK. This move towards ID for the internet is unnecessary and will have no discernible impact on the tone of conversations online,” said Mark Johnson, BBW’s legal and policy officer.

The Guardian – UK social media users could get power to block anonymous accounts