The Guardian – MPs and rights groups call on Frasers Group to stop using live facial recognition in stores

Big Brother Watch Team / April 24, 2023

Nearly 50 parliamentarians and rights groups have called on Mike Ashley to stop using live facial recognition (LFR) technology in Frasers Group stores in the UK.

Condemning the dangerous implications of this technology on people’s privacy, Big Brother Watch’s letter, co-signed by Liberty and Privacy International argues, “LFR inverts the vital democratic principle of suspicion preceding surveillance and treats everyone who passes the camera like a potential criminal.”

Labour MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey said: “The use of live facial recognition cameras to target customers is an invasive and abusive practice. For a hugely wealthy and powerful company to be monitoring people in this way is outrageous. The practice must be halted immediately.”

According to Big Brother Watch’s research, this technology is hugely inaccurate with Met police’s use of live facial recognition technology returning false positives 87% of the time.

The Guardian – MPs condemn Frasers Group’s use of facial recognition cameras in stores