The Independent – At Met Police facial recognition trial in Romford people stopped and searched for covering their faces

Big Brother Watch Team / February 1, 2019

The Metropolitan Police deployed their lawless and authoritarian live facial recognition in Romford last Thursday 31 January, which resulted in several people being stopped, searched and even fined by police after covering their faces and objecting to facial recognition. One man was given a fine after being stopped for covering his face, despite the police publicly stating that the public could choose not to be scanned if they wished to, and he was fined after he got agitated after being surrounded by police.

Our Director Silkie Carlo said:

“He simply pulled up the top of his jumper over the bottom of his face, put his head down and walked past. There was nothing suspicious about him at all … you have the right to avoid [the cameras], you have the right to cover your face. I think he was exercising his rights.”

The Independent: Police stop people for covering their faces from facial recognition camera then fine man £90 after he protested


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