The Independent – Could the Policing Bill suppress eco protesters?

Big Brother Watch Team / January 16, 2022

On Monday the House of Lords is set to vote on a raft of new amendments to the controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

The adaptations to the Bill include making tougher sentences for blocking motorways, allowing police to stop and search anyone at a protest “without suspicion” and stripping people from their right to protest entirely.

Mark Johnson, legal and policy officer at Big Brother Watch, said: “The government’s move to add Orwellian anti-protest amendments to the policing bill at this late stage is nothing short of a cynical attempt to bypass parliamentary scrutiny.

“If their intention is to design measures to silence specific groups, then this is an unacceptable way to make law.

“Members of the House of Lords have the opportunity to stop these proposals in their tracks and must reject them outright.”

The Independent – Could the policing bill stifle Insulate Britain and other disruptive climate protests?