The Independent — “Schedule 21 has been used to target and punish vulnerable people”

Big Brother Watch Team / July 2, 2020

After almost 100 days of lockdown, the government is refusing to repeal the coronavirus law. A draconian law used to wrongly prosecute thousands of people across the country.

There is convincing data that shows the Coronavirus Act hasn’t been used lawfully since it came into force on 25th of March.

Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch said:

“Schedule 21 has been used to target and punish vulnerable people – the homeless and mentally ill. It contains some of the most extreme powers that parliament has ever passed.

“There is now no evidence base for them remaining in law, but overwhelming evidence to repeal them.

“The fact the government is clinging onto them really encapsulates the risk of rapidly creating sweeping emergency laws with no oversight in times like these.”

The Independent — Government refuses to abolish coronavirus law used unlawfully in every prosecution