The Telegraph – Amazon’s AI cameras ‘excessive, intrusive and creepy’

Big Brother Watch Team / May 22, 2022

Online shopping giant Amazon has started installing AI cameras, which will monitor delivery drivers sparking concern from human rights campaigners.

The new cameras which will face the driver and the road will detect dangerous behaviour including hard braking, speeding and driver distraction and will send “voice alerts” if they breach these standards.

Silkie Carlo, the director of Big Brother Watch, called the roll out “excessive, intrusive and creepy worker surveillance” said it should be put on hold.

She said: “Amazon has a terrible track record of intensely monitoring their lowest wage earners using Orwellian, often highly inaccurate, spying technologies, and then using that data to their disadvantage.

“This kind of directed surveillance could actually risk distracting drivers, let alone demoralising them. It is bad for workers’ rights and awful for privacy in our country.”

The Telegraph – Amazon installs AI cameras to monitor its delivery drivers