The Telegraph – Covid pass could be used by grandparents to screen birthday party guests

Big Brother Watch Team / April 3, 2021

Anyone planning an event, in their own home or at a venue, could have the ability to scan codes on their guests’ phones which will let them see if they are vaccinated, a recent negative test result or proof of antibodies.

The app, developed by Netcompany, could also be used to grant access into workplaces, or during major events under plans that could see fans sit in different parts of sports stadiums.

The company has been handed a £3million government contract to develop a Covid passport app.

Jake Hurfurt, head of research and investigations at Big Brother Watch, said:

“Netcompany’s chilling endorsement of segregated events and biosurveillance of our family members is a warning of the road Covid passes would lead us down.

“This contract shows that ministers misled Parliament and the public, claiming for months there were no plans for Covid passes and still claiming today that no decision has been made. This contract exposes the reality that work began on Covid certificates a long time ago.

“These draconian plans for a checkpoint nation are unnecessary, unworkable and un-British. The Prime Minister should be working to prohibit domestic Covid passes, not promote them.

The Telegraph – Grandparents could use Covid passport app to screen birthday party guests