The Telegraph – Government apologises after “counter disinformation” unit spread misinformation

Big Brother Watch Team / October 27, 2023

The Government has issued an apology to UK journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer after Big Brother Watch uncovered that they unlawfully branded her as a “vaccine sceptic” in a secretive disinformation report.

Big Brother Watch also found that the report was sent to the US Government’s Global Engagement Centre, which was established to support “public communications activities targeted against violent extremism and terrorist organizations” as stated on its website.

Earlier this year, the privacy and free speech campaign group released an in-depth report unveiling the activities of undemocratic, unaccountable government bodies namely Rapid Response Unit (which has been closed down), the still-standing Counter Disinformation Unit and 77th Brigade, a British Army information warfare unit.

Silkie Carlo, director for Big Brother Watch said that it is “chilling that so many journalists, politicians and ordinary citizens have been treated like the enemy within”.

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