The Telegraph – How Beijing’s surveillance power crept onto UK streets

Big Brother Watch Team / May 30, 2022

In a cell in a Xinjiang concentration camp in China, Ovalbek Turdakun was monitored 24/7 by Hikvision cameras, which told him to be quiet while lights shone on him round the clock.

Millions of the same brand of cameras are being used in Britain’s schools, hospitals and police departments.

Campaign group Big Brother Watch estimates that 2,800 public bodies, around 60pc of the total, use cameras made by Hikvision or its smaller Chinese rival Dahua.

The group, alongside human rights campaigners, has written to ministers in charge of the departments urging them to remove the technology. “It is deeply concerning that technology which enables widespread human rights abuses in China is being purchased and installed in the heart of the UK Government,” they wrote.

The Telegraph – How Beijing’s surveillance cameras crept into Britain’s corridors of power

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