The Telegraph – MPs call on the Government to suspend the Counter “Disinformation” Unit

Big Brother Watch Team / September 11, 2023

A cross-party group of MPs have penned a letter calling for the immediate suspension and investigation of the UK government’s secretive Counter “Disinformation” Unit. This unit, which sits within the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) has been recording lawful speech by MPs, academics, journalists and campaigners, a report by Big Brother Watch states.

The letter raises concerns about the CDU’s remit and lack of transparency. It states: “We will not accept the monitoring and censorship of dissent under the guise of countering disinformation.

“We call on you to suspend the CDU immediately and commission an independent review of its work, in order to ensure that the rights to freedom of expression and privacy are sufficiently protected.”

A Big Brother Watch spokesperson said: “The British public expect the Government to fight against the disinformation campaigns of hostile foreign states but it is clear that the Government’s Counter Disinformation Unit has strayed from this core mission into snooping on legitimate criticism of government policies.

“The idea of civil servants monitoring and recording elected MPs in shadowy ‘disinformation’ reports simply for criticising the Government is a complete and utter stain on our democracy.”

The Telegraph – Disinformation unit ‘a stain on democracy’ that must be axed, say MPs