The Telegraph – Peterborough smart city trial residents are ‘being treated like lab rats’

Big Brother Watch Team / June 25, 2019

Peterborough has allowed a broadband start-up, CityFibre, to install real-time ‘smart’ sensors in several locations around the city, transmitting real-time data to social housing landlord Cross Keys Homes. These sensors include noise sensors in vacant properties to detect “unauthorised activity”, parking sensors in front of emergency exits, to alert Cross Keys staff to “illegal parking”.

A Big Brother Watch spokeswoman said:

“Many residents will feel deeply uncomfortable living surrounded by ‘noise sensors’ and ‘parking sensors’. They’re being treated like lab rats in an experiment. The council ought to review this decision urgently.”


The Telegraph – Residents in Peterborough smart city trial are ‘being treated like lab rats’, warn privacy campaigners