The Telegraph — “There’s a massive structural change going on in the NHS”

Big Brother Watch Team / April 6, 2020

The continuous spread of Coronavirus has pushed the NHS to look for a protector. And it turns our Silicon Valley tech giants and start-ups alike could play that role supporting frontline staff.

Using artificial intelligence and smartphone apps might seem like a clear winner to fight this pandemic. But this represents one of the biggest threats against our privacy.

These changes could definitely help to contain the spread of Coronavirus. But in the long-term we don’t know what control these tech giants will have over our data.

Silkie Carlo, Director of Big Brother Watch said: “There’s a massive structural change going on in the NHS, particularly with tech systems in such a way that could affect people’s data rights at a time when medical confidentiality has never been more important.”

The Telegraph — NHS-Big Tech axis a sign of what’s to come