The Times – Hundreds of unlawful lockdown prosecutions may be missed from review

Big Brother Watch Team / March 2, 2021

A third of all lockdown prosecutions have been unlawful, as revealed by an unprecedented review by the Crown Prosecution Service.

But analysis from us & Fair Trials has uncovered hundreds of cases that are being missed by this review, risking further injustice on a huge scale.

Madeleine Stone, legal and policy officer at Big Brother Watch, said: “The coronavirus pandemic has led to a wave of injustice, with rushed and unlawful prosecutions becoming the norm. These numbers make it plain that the scale of the problem is even bigger than previously feared, with potentially hundreds more people being wrongly convicted under lockdown laws.

“The single justice procedure is justice on the cheap and is completely inappropriate for assessing charges under confusing lockdown laws.”

The Times – Wrongful convictions under Covid lockdown laws may be slipping through net