The Times – Indoor cameras banned in Airbnbs but privacy concerns remain

Big Brother Watch Team / March 24, 2024

Surveillance cameras will be banned from being used inside over seven million Airbnb properties from 30 April 2024. However, the popular homestay rentals company is yet to turn against outdoor cameras.

A recent survey found that 42% of potential guests would not rent homestays with surveillance equipment at the property.

Privacy and civil liberties NGO Big Brother Watch said:

“The ban on surveillance cameras inside the private spaces of Airbnbs is way overdue. Holidaymakers should be free to relax without worrying about being spied on. Airbnb must also make sure that external cameras don’t invade holidaymakers’ privacy — hosts have the right to protect their property but not to watch their guests come and go.”

The Times – Airbnb has banned indoor cameras — but Big Brother’s still watching