The Times – Researchers find that police surveillance at football matches is counterproductive

Big Brother Watch Team / January 7, 2020

Police surveillance at football matches leads to intimidation and provocation of fans, researchers at Stirling, Glasgow and West of Scotland universities have found. The use of CCTV and body-worn cameras by the police has a counterproductive impact on anti-social behaviour as it leads to mistrust of police and undermines common-sense policing.

The Director of Big Brother Watch, Silkie Carlo, has said that “[t]his is compelling research that the police must take seriously. Police officers are acting like Big Brother, and treating fans like criminals damages policing efforts and fans’ rights alike. Some police forces are now even using facial recognition cameras at football matches too. This research should put a stop to this ludicrous Chinese style surveillance of innocent fans.”

The Times – Police ‘scoring own goal’ with cameras at matches