Time – UK Government’s new internet regulation proposals

Big Brother Watch Team / April 10, 2019

On Monday 8th April the UK government published the ‘Online Harms’ White Paper, proposing extremely broad regulation for undefined ‘harms’ online. Director Silkie Carlo, said:

“This is an unprecedented attack on freedom of speech that will see internet giants monitoring the communications of billions and censoring lawful speech.”

“Rather than aiming to uphold the law online, Government is creating a two tier system with speech more tightly controlled on the internet than would ever be possible under existing law offline. This nebulous concept of “harmful” speech will likely be used to simply silence opinions people don’t like.”

“These plans position the likes of Facebook and Twitter as the police of free speech online, overseen by a regulator they fund themselves, and set an abysmal example for internet regulation globally.”


Time: The UK may change the rules that turned Facebook into an empire