Big Brother Watch responds to £7.5m Clearview AI fine by the ICO

Big Brother Watch Team / May 23, 2022

Responding to facial recognition company Clearview AI being fined over £7.5m & all UK data to be deleted, Silkie Carlo, Director of Big Brother Watch said:

“This important enforcement action by the ICO should be another nail in the coffin for facial recognition in the UK. Clearview AI has hoarded multiple photos of each and every one of us from the internet and made it available to the highest bidder. The use of facial recognition on billions of photos will end anonymity as we know it. Already, several police forces, banking firms and a university in the UK used this Orwellian spying tech. Facial recognition used as a mass surveillance tool like this has a serious, irreversible impact on all of our privacy. The ICO’s order for Clearview AI to delete all UK images is extremely welcome, but it may be difficult to enforce. Parliament must now to take action on facial recognition and impose an immediate ban on excessive face surveillance.”


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