Big Brother Watch responds to Government plans to create a giant facial recognition database out of passport photos

Big Brother Watch Team / October 2, 2023

Responding to the Government’s plan to build a massive facial recognition database out of passport photos of people in the UK, Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, said:

“Philp’s plan to subvert Brits’ passport photos into a giant police database is Orwellian and a gross violation of British privacy principles. It means that over 45 million of us with passports who gave our images for travel purposes will, without any kind of consent or the ability to object, be part of secret police lineups.

“To scan the population’s photos with highly inaccurate facial recognition technology and treat us like suspects is an outrageous assault on our privacy that totally overlooks the real reasons for shoplifting. Philp should concentrate on fixing broken policing rather than building an automated surveillance state.

“We will look at every possible avenue to challenge this Orwellian nightmare.”

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You can find more information regarding facial recognition on Big Brother Watch’s website.