Sep 30th 2010

Is it about to get even easier for the police to take your DNA?

The million plus innocent DNA profiles on the national database remains one of the great intrusions on liberty in our country today. Despite good pre-election sounds from both of the coalition parties (in particular from now Immigration Minister, Damian Green) there has been little movement towards ending this injustice.  We do expect to see it […]

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Apr 29th 2010

CCTV and DNA – A final word

I would really like to move away from the government's approach to CCTV and DNA, but things like this (from the Daily Mirror)… Women will be more at risk on the streets under the Tories, Home Secretary Alan Johnson warned last night. He said attacks on women would be more likely as the Conservatives were […]

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Apr 28th 2010

Why Alan Johnson is wrong about CCTV

Alan Johnson has just sung out a press conference in praise of CCTV – even wheeling out a poor women who was attacked and whose attacker was caught on camera. I therefore thought it would be worth reviving our argument against CCTV surveillance, as taken from our report, released in December, called Big Brother is […]

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Apr 9th 2010

The Sally Anne Bowman case does not justify the retention of innocent DNA profiles

In a speech in Stevenage, Gordon Brown has just name-checked the mother of Sally Anne Bowman – the young girl murdered in Croydon in 2006. This is not the first time that the Government has invoked this dreadful event to try and justify the retention of innocent DNA profiles. As Alan Johnson wrote in November last […]

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Apr 7th 2010

The Home Secretary holds our DNA to ransom

Yesterday I wrote a short blogpost about how the coming election will define privacy and freedom in Britain for generations. From today we have started our 'GE2010 blog'. Whenever you see the image on the right on a blogpost, it has been added to our General Election 2010 blog – our comment on the thrills […]

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