Feb 11th 2010

Alex Deane reviews ‘The Assault on Liberty’ by Dominic Raab

Alex is invited to appear on Epilogue – Press TV's book review programme – and joins host, Ken Livingstone, and Rodney Austin, a Human Rights Lecturer at University College London, to discuss 'The Assault on Liberty: What went wrong with rights' by Dominic Raab. Dominic is a good friend of Big Brother Watch and his book is […]

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Oct 20th 2009

Alex Deane in conversation with Douglas Murray

As detailed here, at Conservative Party Conference, Director of Big Brother Watch, Alex Deane, was joined on stage by Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, Douglas Murray, to discuss the topic 'Civil liberties and Security: Are they compatible?' The event, kindly provided by the Freedom Association and hosted in the fantastic Freedom Zone, was a great success…and now […]

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