Jul 25th 2012

Now Southampton Council faces action for audio taxi recording

After our successful campaign against Oxford council’s plans to force local taxi drivers to record the conversations of their passengers, the focus has now turned to Southampton. We had urged the Information Commissioner to investigate the use of audio recording and today the Information Commissioner ordered Southampton Council to stop it’s own version of the […]

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Mar 22nd 2012

Taking the battle for privacy to Oxford Town Hall

Yesterday I headed to meeting in Oxford to discuss the proposed audio/video CCTV in taxis. More than 250 drivers have now signed a petition against the scheme – totally undermining the council’s claim that this is a policy the drivers want. Sadly the Council weren’t too keen on having me there so I was asked […]

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Mar 16th 2012

Oxford’s taxi drivers speak out against audio recording

Last year Big Brother Watch led the campaign against Oxford Councils‘ plan to force taxis to record audio as well as video for every journey made. Since then, a court in Southampton has ruled the policy is unlawful and the council has been forced to consider exempting chauffeurs from the policy. But still it refuses […]

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Dec 2nd 2011

Court says audio recording in taxis is “invasive” and “disproportionate”

A ruling by Southampton Crown Court has sent a clear message to local authorities across the country – a policy of mandatory audio recording in taxis is unlawful, being both disproportionate and a violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The case – Southampton City Council v Kevin May, is the […]

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Nov 18th 2011

Keeping the pressure on Oxford Council

This week, Big Brother Watch has campaigned against Oxford Council’s plans for compulsory recording of video and sound in taxis. From our first blog post, the story has been featured in local, national and international media and Big Brother Watch has led the campaign against this gross invasion of privacy. The fight goes on to […]

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