Sep 30th 2011

Big Brother Watch at Conservative Party Conference

Big Brother Watch is once again participating in the Freedom Zone at Conservative Conference, hosting two meetings with a range of excellent speakers. On the Sunday, I’ll be discussing the European Arrest Warrant, and the urgent need to reform its use. Speakers include Nick de Bois MP, leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament […]

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Sep 30th 2010

Is it about to get even easier for the police to take your DNA?

The million plus innocent DNA profiles on the national database remains one of the great intrusions on liberty in our country today. Despite good pre-election sounds from both of the coalition parties (in particular from now Immigration Minister, Damian Green) there has been little movement towards ending this injustice.  We do expect to see it […]

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Sep 24th 2010

Paul Chambers appeal

For those who don't recognise the name Paul Chambers, he is the man who, back in January, jokingly wrote on Twitter (or 'tweeted') that he was going to blow Nottingham's Robin Hood Aiport 'sky high', having heard that the snow might delay his trip to Ireland. Not only was Paul arrested by the police and […]

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Sep 23rd 2010

The absurdity of border control questions

Something controversial to start the day: I do not find Dad's Army particularly funny. But does that make me un-British? According to UK Border Control, it does: From the Independent: Mohamed Nur, 26, was stopped at Heathrow airport in June after returning from a holiday in Dubai. He was held for nine hours and forced […]

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Sep 22nd 2010

Why our Broken Records report matters (mk II)

This is the second time this week that we've had to point out the critical flaws in the security around medical records, which in turn demonstrates why our report Broken Records (which received a typically frosty response from the NHS) was an important contriubtion to the debate on the issue. From Computerworld UK: An NHS […]

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