May 10th 2010

Pressure mounts on NHS IT scheme

Although Britain's political system has been in stasis for the past five weeks (and looks likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future) a number of recent stories and columns have highlighted a growing resentment in the mainstream media towards the National Programme for IT (otherwise known as the Government's new-fangled NHS IT scheme). […]

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May 5th 2010

Yet more confidential medical records go missing

A removable memory stick containing confidential medical records has been found in a supermarket car park, according to the BBC website: A member of staff has been suspended after medical records belonging to patients at a secure hospital near Falkirk were found in a car park. A computer memory stick containing the sensitive information was […]

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Apr 27th 2010

Muddles and mistakes in NHS IT

Last week we were celebrating 'a small victory on medical records privacy' after the Government ordered the uploading of patient care records to be suspended in areas where the Department of Health had launched an accelerated rollout. It seems we were too quick on the cake and party-poppers, as Pulse explains: It has emerged that […]

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Mar 10th 2010

Q: When is an optional opt out not an option..?

A: When we're talking about your confidential medical records. Most of you will already be aware of the Government's £11 billion 'Connecting for Health' scheme; which includes – among its several provisions – a plan to upload all of our medical records onto an enormous central database, accessible by seemingly anyone in the NHS. These […]

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