Nov 14th 2011

Big Brother is watching – and listening – in Oxford

Be careful what you say if you decide to take a taxi or the bus in Oxford – every word will be recorded. Despite being in clear breach of the guidance issued by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and a gross invasion of privacy, Oxford Council has decided to make it a condition for all […]

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Oct 13th 2011

Protecting the public isn’t just about police powers

Writing on The Commentator, I argue that the police don’t need new powers, they need a new approach. “Both Coalition parties repeatedly highlighted the proliferation of criminal offences and new powers introduced by the last government, and how such an approach made the police’s work harder by ‘rewriting the rule book’ repeatedly. Less than 18 […]

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Aug 16th 2010

An interesting PR exercise

It's clearly been an intriguing week for Experian – the self-titled 'global information services company'. Having proudly been associated with David Cameron's plan to use their databases to weed out benefits fraudsters; the reaction from civil liberties and privacy organisations (including ourselves, Liberty and No2ID) has clearly prompted some sound advice from their PR department […]

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Jun 9th 2010

The Government must not back down on its promise to regulate CCTV

Today at Prime Minister's Questions, the Leader of the Opposition, Harriet Harman, took on the new Prime Minister on the issue of CCTV. Harman asked David Cameron to spell-out his plans to regulate CCTV (something we have also done – albeit for different reasons). Sadly, in response, the new PM said he "supports CCTV", but […]

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May 3rd 2010

Pushing for Repeal

Yesterday in an interview with the Sunday Times, David Cameron formally announced his intentions for a Great Repeal Bill: The centrepiece of the Tories’ Queen’s speech, to be held within the next month if the party forms a government, would be a “great repeal bill”. This would scrap ID cards, home information packs and dozens of rarely […]

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