Jun 7th 2012

Reclaim your DNA

Our report on the DNA Database highlighted how the database has continued to grow in recent years, and that despite the passage of the Protection of Freedoms Act innocent people still have no timetable for when their DNA will be removed from the database. We’re delighted to support GeneWatch’s ‘Reclaim your DNA’ campaign,which aims to […]

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Jun 5th 2012

New report: The DNA Database in 2012

Today Big Brother Watch publishes our report looking at the DNA Database, following the passage of the Protection of Freedoms Act through Parliament. While the Coalition agreement pledged to introduce the Scottish model, what was passed into law within the Protection of Freedoms Act retains the uncertainty of the previous system, with discretionary powers to […]

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Mar 14th 2012

Another DNA Database U-Turn

First the Coalition ditched its commitment to reforming the DNA database and now the Home Office is handing over access to very sensitive personal information to police forces across Europe. Despite more than a million innocent people’s DNA remaining on the database, and huge concerns around the operation of extradition law, the Coaltion has indicated […]

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Nov 9th 2011

Holding the Coalition to account on the DNA Database

Writing on the Huffington Post, I argue that the Coalition is not being properly held to account for it’s decision to abandon the committment in the Coalition Agreement to implement the Scottish model for the retention of biometric material. “As the Bill currently stands, there is a real risk of back-door indefinite retention of innocent […]

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Oct 7th 2011

The greatest shake up of our democracy this year?

On the DNA Database, the Coalition agreement was unequivocal: “We will adopt the protections of the Scottish model for the DNA database.” However, since then the Government has had second thoughts, and has been persuaded of the case for retaining the DNA of innocent people far and above the Scottish system. Today’s report from the Joint Committee on […]

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