Jun 12th 2012

Conor Burns MP: Reforming the European Arrest Warrant

Today Big Brother Watch is delighted to publish a paper authored by Conor Burns MP on the European Arrest Warrant. The paper calls on the Government to urgently review the European Arrest Warrant system, warning that the current operation of the warrants is “fundamentally incompatible” with the principles of British justice. To protect the ‘interests, […]

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Oct 18th 2011

Lord Baker’s 488 pages cannot hide his fundamental failure on civil liberties

Lord Baker’s review into UK Extradition Law – all 488 pages of it – has been published today. A major section of the report deals with the working of the European Arrest Warrant, which Big Brother Watch held a fringe meeting on at Conservative conference. Before the election, Dominic Grieve summed up the situation well. […]

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Apr 21st 2010

An escalation in EU surveillance powers

In our election manifesto, Big Brother Watch calls for 'a commitment to exercise the British opt-out of the European Arrest Warrant on 1st June 2014'. Our reason for including this as one of the 30 key pledges, is that we are increasingly concerned about foreign countries being able to hold sway over our liberty and […]

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