Sep 30th 2010

Is it about to get even easier for the police to take your DNA?

The million plus innocent DNA profiles on the national database remains one of the great intrusions on liberty in our country today. Despite good pre-election sounds from both of the coalition parties (in particular from now Immigration Minister, Damian Green) there has been little movement towards ending this injustice.  We do expect to see it […]

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May 14th 2010

New examples of DNA database incompetence

This morning a report has found that at least one police station in England has shown serious incompetence when handling DNA samples. As the BBC explains: The inspection found samples had been left in a freezer at two police stations in Hackney, east London, instead of being sent for analysis. The findings came in a […]

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Oct 31st 2009

Britain in the dock over internet privacy

A shocking story in the Independent today which reports that Ministers from the Home Office could find themselves hauled in front of the European Court of Justice after the European Commission accused Britain of failing to protect its citizens from secret surveillance on the internet. The article states that: the legal action is being brought over […]

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Oct 19th 2009

Home Office u-turn on DNA retention

Regular readers will be aware that ever since this blog started just over a month ago, we have been campaigning against the retention of the DNA of innocent people on the national DNA database. First we exposed the fact that the timings the Home Office had used for keeping the DNA of those charged, but not convicted of […]

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