Apr 22nd 2010

Full-body scanners can store images

A fascinating case against body scanners is being brought by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Centre) – basically our equivalents in the United States – who, alongside a number of civil liberties and privacy groups, have sent a petition to the Department of Homeland Security demanding (in their words): that the agency suspend the airport body […]

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Feb 2nd 2010

Body scanners latest – airports to defy government?

As reported this morning in The Northern Echo, Durham Tees Valley Airport and Newcastle Airport are yet to commit to installing full-body scanners; the paper describing the stand-off as putting the operators "on a collision course with the government". As they write: Earlier today, the department for transport ordered all airports to install them before the summer […]

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Feb 1st 2010

People shouldn’t have to choose between their dignity and their flight

Today the Transport Secretary, Lord Andrew Adonis, has told the House of Commons that it will be compulsory for those selected to undergo a full-body scan. In his statement he says: "If a passenger is selected for scanning, and declines, they will not be permitted to fly." In response, Alex Deane, Director of Big Brother […]

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Jan 20th 2010

Body scanners – an expensive waste of time?

Werner Gruber, an Austrian physics professor from the Institute for Experimental Physics in Vienna, has mounted a demonstration that strongly suggests that body scanners are completely worthless. The good professor smuggled a metal knife, a detonator, and several bottles of explosive powder through the machine and as an added bonus he also managed to smuggle […]

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