Aug 20th 2012

Southampton fights to record your conversations

Following our complaint to the Information Commissioner, last month Southampton Council was handed an enforcement notice for it’s policy of requiring taxis to record both audio and video of every taxi journey. The council has now announced it will appeal the ICO’s action, despite the policy being branded invasive and disproportionate by a judge and […]

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Jul 25th 2012

Now Southampton Council faces action for audio taxi recording

After our successful campaign against Oxford council’s plans to force local taxi drivers to record the conversations of their passengers, the focus has now turned to Southampton. We had urged the Information Commissioner to investigate the use of audio recording and today the Information Commissioner ordered Southampton Council to stop it’s own version of the […]

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Jun 12th 2012

ICO reopens Google Spy-Fi investigation

The Information Commissioner’s Office has now announced it is to re-open its investigation into Google’s wi-fi data harvesting, in a letter to the company yesterday It’s absolutely right to re-open the investigation and the ICO must now take every step to get to the bottom of just how many British people’s privacy was trampled on […]

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May 31st 2012

Oxford drops always-on audio taxi recording

Back in November last year, we launched a campaign to stop Oxford Council recording the conversations of taxi passengers in the city. It received international attention, while local MPs and MEPs joined in our condemnation of the idea. We can now confirm the Council has dropped the scheme, with the Council’s licensing boss telling the […]

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May 18th 2012

Met police plan to store phone data indefinitely

According to press reports, the Metropolitan police intend to retain indefinitely information recorded from a mobile phone, without judicial authorisation. This will be irrespective of whether an individual is charged or convicted. Following the ruling in S and Marper v UK [2008] the legal status of indefinitely retaining personal information was made quite clear, and […]

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