Jul 30th 2018

No – We Still Don’t Want ID Cards

It is disappointing to see Policy Exchange’s attempt to revive the tired and failed idea of a national ID scheme. The British public has made clear time and time again that we don’t want ID cards, ID numbers, or centralised databases of highly sensitive information about us. A national ID scheme would be dangerous, expensive, […]

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Sep 15th 2010

Leave. It. Alone.

You can say many things about the civil liberties record of the previous government, but one thing is irrefutable: they rarely know when to stop chasing a lost cause. From 42 days to control orders, they were a model of illjudged and overbearing persistence. And so to today, during the report stage debate of the […]

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Jun 21st 2010

Privacy, liberty and the Emergency Budget

Tomorrow the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, will present his Emergency Budget to Parliament. Given the chastening experience of several countries on the European continent, and the size of Britain's national debt, it has been widely recognised across the political spectrum that cuts to public spending are needed. Big Brother Watch believes that if […]

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Jun 14th 2010

The privacy piggies keep on squealing

Regular readers will remember that when it was announced that ID cards were for the chop, I couldn't resist delighting in the news that those who had paid for an ID card weren't going to be recompensed. If you play with matches etc… Soon after, David 'Big' Blunkett moaned that it was all terribly unfair […]

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May 28th 2010

David Blunkett threatens to sue over the ID card cancellation

Former Home Secretary, forefather of the identity card scheme (then called 'entitlement cards') and general bad egg, David 'Big' Blunkett has rained on my parade. Having made no secret of enjoying the announcement that the government is refusing to refund the 15,000 dupes that spent £30 on an ID card; in a radio interview this […]

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