May 26th 2010


When – on the day the coalition government was formed – the Identity and Passport Service website changed to look like this many were cheered. When – a few days later – the coalition document proudly announced the scrapping of the ID card and National Identity Register many more had reason to be pleased. But, […]

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May 19th 2010

A brief comic interlude

With the Identity and Passport Service website now solemnly announcing the end of the UK ID card and Nick Clegg this morning reaffirming the coalition's ambition to scrap the National Identity Register; it seems that we in Britain are now free of the spectre of the identity card. So let us spare a thought for […]

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May 17th 2010

Alasdair Palmer is wrong, wrong, wrong

In the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, I was saddened to see that Public Policy Editor, Alasdair Palmer, had written a particularly wretched article decrying the scrapping of ID cards and innocent DNA retention. The article – with its delightfully understated title 'Why the coalition is set to bring us a rise in crime' – has numerous […]

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Mar 29th 2010

Want a passport? Join the National Identity Register

Public sector ICT monitors Kable have revealed that the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, plans to introduce primary legislation which would require passport applicants to be fingerprinted and enrolled on the National Identity Register. As they write: In response to a question from his Conservative shadow Chris Grayling, Johnson said: "The provisions of the Identity Cards […]

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Mar 22nd 2010

New IPS ID card blog – a grammar and truth vacuum

Following on from my blogpost on Friday – collating all the various ways in which the government continues to push ID cards at us – it has emerged that the Home Office has put together a blog titled 'Understanding the identity card'. Some may remember the unintentionally hilarious 'I am Spartacus' video from the Identity […]

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