Mar 19th 2010

Don’t be fooled. The ID card has not gone away

Holding an identity card should be a personal choice for British citizens — just as it is now to obtain a passport. Accordingly, I want the introduction of identity cards for all British citizens to be voluntary Alan Johnson, Home Secretary – 1st July 2009 We will reduce the information British citizens have to give […]

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Mar 17th 2010

Mystic Meg’s miracle cure

Identity card junkie Meg Hillier MP has once again been caught pushing the abhorrent pink plastic. This time she has written a piece for Progress (the New Labour think tank) where she suggests ID cards could be the miracle cure for social exclusion. The bulk of her argument focuses on the flimsy claim that: Currently […]

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Mar 3rd 2010

What not to do when you retire…

Last week we brought you the news that in advance of his first annual report, Sir Joseph Pilling – the UK Identity Commissioner – had given an interview to our old friend on the Manchester Evening News, Angela Epstein. As you will see from my blogpost, I was somewhat unhappy with the easy ride Pilling […]

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Feb 26th 2010

The steady creep of the Identity Card

As I forewarned yesterday, The Office of The Identity Commissioner has presented his First Annual Report to Parliament to very mercifully little fanfare. The document, which can be viewed on his website, is a mostly unremarkable piece of work with very little insight into the government's plans for the Identity Register. Despite this, it does […]

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Feb 25th 2010

The ID card ‘tsar’ gets royalty treatment from the pro-ID hack

Angela Epstein is not one of Big Brother Watch's favourite people. For those unaware, she is a reporter on the Manchester Evening News and wrote one of the most crass and ill-informed articles on the ID card project last year for her newspaper (which, incredibly, included the line: ‘I personally can’t see what there is […]

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