Oct 23rd 2009

BioP@ss: The next stage of ID cards

No sooner than the Prime Minister signals a u-turn on the introduction of ID cards in Britain; news has seeped out of the continent that the EU may be next to try and impose a system of biometric cataloguing and identification on its citizens. According to this report, chip manufacturers are being lined up to […]

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Oct 16th 2009

ID cards: register at your peril

The Manchester Evening News are reporting that just 2,000 people have signed up to the ID cards trial currently taking place in Greater Manchester, and only 10,000 nationwide have registered with the Home Office website to get an application form. The £30 voluntary scheme is being rolled out across Greater Manchester later this year as a trial […]

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Oct 8th 2009

David Cameron’s Speech: An End to Big Government

David Cameron has just made his latest pitch for Number 10 and, as expected, gone down a storm with the delegates here. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of the country responds, particularly given that the polls this morning suggested Labour was narrowing the gap. There were a number of key […]

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Sep 29th 2009

Gordon Brown’s speech

Well, he gives with one hand and takes away with another. A promise that in the next Parliament a Labour government would not provide for compulsory ID cards (not that much of a promise, given that the Tories wouldn't either, and that the important thing isn't the card, but the database… but still) But he […]

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Sep 25th 2009

Pace of ID card roll-out increases

Although ignored by the national press this morning, featured here and here, is the news that skilled foreign workers are to get ID cards three months early after Home Secretary Alan Johnson struck a deal with the post office. Immigrants will be provided their ID cards for free from UK Border Agency offices, while existing foreign […]

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