Nov 8th 2011

More CCTV for London does not make us safer

London, one of the world’s most surveyed cities, is set to see another wave of CCTV cameras be installed. Despite the Metropolitan Police acknowledging  that fewer than one crime is solved by every 1,000 closed circuit television cameras, Transport for London is to spend up to £60m on even more CCTV for the capital. In one London […]

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Oct 13th 2011

Protecting the public isn’t just about police powers

Writing on The Commentator, I argue that the police don’t need new powers, they need a new approach. “Both Coalition parties repeatedly highlighted the proliferation of criminal offences and new powers introduced by the last government, and how such an approach made the police’s work harder by ‘rewriting the rule book’ repeatedly. Less than 18 […]

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Sep 21st 2011

Westminster Council unveils plans for social media monitoring

In the aftermath of the London riots, there has been a range of ‘interesting’ ideas around social media and digital communications.  Today’s Times carries one such example – Westminster council is to set up a ‘gang information desk‘ to monitor and report suspicious activity on-line. It’s not clear if they will be monitoring only public information […]

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