Sep 15th 2010

Leave. It. Alone.

You can say many things about the civil liberties record of the previous government, but one thing is irrefutable: they rarely know when to stop chasing a lost cause. From 42 days to control orders, they were a model of illjudged and overbearing persistence. And so to today, during the report stage debate of the […]

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May 26th 2010


When – on the day the coalition government was formed – the Identity and Passport Service website changed to look like this many were cheered. When – a few days later – the coalition document proudly announced the scrapping of the ID card and National Identity Register many more had reason to be pleased. But, […]

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Jan 25th 2010

Home Office try to lure London’s students onto ID card database

The 'voluntary' sign-up to the ID card scheme came to the capital today when the Home Office announced that young Londoners could now apply for a National ID card. As reported in the Evening Standard: People aged 18 to 24 will be able to spend £30 on a biometric photocard that can be used to prove their age […]

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Dec 3rd 2009

Shmoozed hack pens fairytale ID card defence

Angela Epstein, journalist at the Manchester Evening News and ID card cheerleader has today authored a typically desperate promotion of the ID card scheme after (in her own words) ‘a shmooze with home office minister Meg Hillier’. One can only imagine what such a meeting involved but if Hillier’s webcast is anything to go by, Ms Epstein must […]

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Nov 23rd 2009

Home Office minister tries to sell ID cards on webchat…and fails

After the terrors of Mumsnet and the furore of 'Biscuitgate', Home Office Minister Meg Hillier MP appeared on the Manchester Evening News website today for a webchat about ID cards. The hour-long chat was a largely unremarkable series of probing and reasonable questions from understandably angry Mancunians; punctuated by typically lame and party-line responses from Ms Hillier, […]

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