Apr 29th 2013

Patients win choice of sharing medical records

Earlier this year, we led the concern that a new NHS data sharing plan would see every patient’s medical records uploaded to a new information system without the right to opt-out. We warned at the time that patient records would be out of patient control. On Friday, the Secretary of State confirmed that this will […]

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Feb 2nd 2013

Patient records out of patient control?

Today’s Daily Mail reports on the latest NHS database plan, which will see information held in GP’s surgeries being extracted and transferred to a new central system. The agenda in the NHS to share data is far more than just monitoring how heath services are used. We may be witnessing the beginning of the end […]

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Apr 16th 2012

Another NHS data blunder

Yesterday’s Sun on Sunday carried details of the latest data protection issue in the NHS, concerning medical details of 600,000 patients. Data was ‘over collected’ by GE Healthcare and then sent back to the US, despite the Data Protection Act clearly highlighting the need to keep data within the European Economic Area unless robust safeguards […]

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Dec 5th 2011

Whose data is it anyway?

The Government’s plans to share/sell/publish (depending on which newspaper report you’ve read) anonymous health information features prominently in many national newspapers today. The Sunday Telegraph carried the story with a remark that ‘excessive regulation’ is preventing sharing of information. It is simply laughable to describe Britain’s data protection regime as excessive. Barely existent is closer […]

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Nov 9th 2011

Press release: NHS Data Protection Breaches Report

According to Freedom of Information Act requests, between July 2008 and July 2011 there were at least 806 separate incidents where patient medical records were compromised, highlighted a shocking number of incidents in the NHS where patient medical records were accessed inappropriately. This included: 23 incidents of patient information being posted on social networking sites […]

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