Jun 29th 2010

Doctor knows best

In the wranglings over the Summary Care Record, it is always very interesting to see how those on the frontline of the medical profession react to developments. It was the BMA that first raised objections about the total lack of information going to patients, and now the Newcastle Journal is reporting that 3 in 4 […]

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Jun 22nd 2010

Summary Care Record survives but scaled back?

Leading medical magazine, Pulse, have a very interesting exclusive on the future of the Summary Care Record: The Government is planning to switch to a scaled back, ‘patient-held’ electronic care record, severing central control over the controversial programme, but stopping short of scrapping it altogether. A senior Government source told Pulse of moves to substantially […]

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Jun 21st 2010

Privacy, liberty and the Emergency Budget

Tomorrow the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, will present his Emergency Budget to Parliament. Given the chastening experience of several countries on the European continent, and the size of Britain's national debt, it has been widely recognised across the political spectrum that cuts to public spending are needed. Big Brother Watch believes that if […]

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May 10th 2010

Pressure mounts on NHS IT scheme

Although Britain's political system has been in stasis for the past five weeks (and looks likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future) a number of recent stories and columns have highlighted a growing resentment in the mainstream media towards the National Programme for IT (otherwise known as the Government's new-fangled NHS IT scheme). […]

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