Jan 17th 2012

Going offline to defend privacy and freedom online

On January 18 2011, Wikipedia will voluntarily shut its website down for twelve hours, in protest at two pieces of legislation being considered in the US – SOPA and PIPA. Big Brother Watch will be doing the same. Yes, it may appear a futile gesture. But we believe this is too important an issue to […]

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Oct 20th 2011

You have the right to remain private?

Today’s report from the Joint Committee on the draft defamation bill is the first real step towards reforming English defamation law in decades. Big Brother Watch has previously highlighted the chilling effect on free speech libel laws have, and today’s report contains many positive proposals. However, one area of interest for the committee has been the ability for anonymous web […]

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Sep 8th 2011

Hacker Claims Fake Web Certificates Issued

The Beglian security firm GlobalSign has temporarily stopped issuing web authentication certificates due to claims that a hacker has gained access to company servers, allowing it to issue bogus certificates.  This makes GlobalSign the second major Certificate Authority to be hacked in as many months. This kind of certificate is normally issued to ensure that […]

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