Dec 5th 2011

Whose data is it anyway?

The Government’s plans to share/sell/publish (depending on which newspaper report you’ve read) anonymous health information features prominently in many national newspapers today. The Sunday Telegraph carried the story with a remark that ‘excessive regulation’ is preventing sharing of information. It is simply laughable to describe Britain’s data protection regime as excessive. Barely existent is closer […]

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Nov 9th 2011

Press release: NHS Data Protection Breaches Report

According to Freedom of Information Act requests, between July 2008 and July 2011 there were at least 806 separate incidents where patient medical records were compromised, highlighted a shocking number of incidents in the NHS where patient medical records were accessed inappropriately. This included: 23 incidents of patient information being posted on social networking sites […]

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Dec 18th 2009

Big Brother Is Watching: Local council controlled CCTV cameras treble in a decade

Research conducted by Big Brother Watch reveals that in less than 10 years the number of CCTV cameras controlled by local councils has risen from 21,000 to 60,000. Top lines from the research (full breakdown by local authority available here) include: There are currently at least 59,753 CCTV cameras controlled by 418 local authorities in Britain, […]

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