Oct 11th 2012

Cambridge Council doesn’t let the law get in the way

“Technically, this amounted to intrusive surveillance, which the police can authorise, but the council cannot.”   Cambridge City Council report. As reported on the front page of today’s Cambridge News, a report to Cambridge city council, to be discussed next week, highlights how the Council signed off on an operation to install hidden CCTV cameras […]

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Aug 22nd 2012

Calling time on the Grim RIPA

Our latest report, ‘A legacy of surveillance‘, looks at how the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act has been used by both local and public authorities in recent years. A decade on and more than three million authorisations later, our research found how there is still a great deal of uncertainty about how and why the […]

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Sep 16th 2011

Councils continue to spy on residents

This morning I was a guest on BBC Sussex’s Breakfast Show, discussing Brighton and Hove council’s use of covert surveillance powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA.) Next week the Council’s cabinet will consider whether or not to continue using RIPA (although from their press release it appears the decision has already been taken) […]

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Aug 23rd 2010

Big Brother Watch reports to become Government policy?

Of course, since our creation around 12 months ago we have campaigned for the scrapping of ID cards and ContactPoint (two pledges that the Government has so far honoured); and we are but one organisation in a field of several fine campaigning groups who are having real influence on Coalition policy. But, of the five […]

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Aug 13th 2010

Delusion, despair and the re-writing of history

Question: who said the following about which administration? "…the greatest advances in civil liberties of any post-war government…" Any guesses? The answer is almost too unbelievable to be true… The above quote is taken from former Home Secretary and retiring Blackburn MP, Jack Straw's endorsement of David Milliband yesterday (full text available here). It refers, […]

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