Sep 13th 2010

Now tax inspectors get police powers

Coming in the week that HMRC was forced to admit that 1.4 million people will need to pay back underpaid tax, it is perhaps not surprising that the Daily Telegraph has found that the taxman has been given superior snooping powers: The inspectors can now turn up at people’s homes or businesses unannounced and examine […]

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Aug 31st 2010

Local councils in dodgy DVLA database deception

Local councils across the UK have been barred from using the DVLA’s database and many more have received official warnings after they were caught abusing the system. Instead of using it the DVLA database – which holds personal information of every car owner in the UK – to track down the owners of abandoned vehicles, […]

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Aug 26th 2010

Another day, another case of dodgy database access

Today it's PC Adrian Merron – a Lothian and Borders police officer who has 'fessed up to snooping through the force computer and obtaining personal data about people. As the BBC explains: Defence agent David Hunter said: "Although there is the statutory defence of accessing the information for police purposes that does not really apply […]

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May 23rd 2010

The Grim Ripa: Local councils authorising 11 covert surveillance operations a day

New research conducted by Big Brother Watch – the non-partisan grassroots campaign fighting intrusions on our privacy and freedom – reveals that councils in Great Britain have authorised over 8,500 RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) operations in the past two years To read the full report – The Grim Ripa – including a complete […]

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