Sep 22nd 2010

Why our Broken Records report matters (mk II)

This is the second time this week that we've had to point out the critical flaws in the security around medical records, which in turn demonstrates why our report Broken Records (which received a typically frosty response from the NHS) was an important contriubtion to the debate on the issue. From Computerworld UK: An NHS […]

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Jul 2nd 2010

BMA support our position on access to medical records

As reported by Pulse, at their annual conference yesterday the British Medical Association backed tighter restrictions on access to confidential patient records: GPs and consultants are insisting anyone not actively involved in a patient’s treatment be blocked from accessing their record, amid fears that the Summary Care Record rollout is a huge threat to patient […]

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Jun 29th 2010

Doctor knows best

In the wranglings over the Summary Care Record, it is always very interesting to see how those on the frontline of the medical profession react to developments. It was the BMA that first raised objections about the total lack of information going to patients, and now the Newcastle Journal is reporting that 3 in 4 […]

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Jun 22nd 2010

Summary Care Record survives but scaled back?

Leading medical magazine, Pulse, have a very interesting exclusive on the future of the Summary Care Record: The Government is planning to switch to a scaled back, ‘patient-held’ electronic care record, severing central control over the controversial programme, but stopping short of scrapping it altogether. A senior Government source told Pulse of moves to substantially […]

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Jun 3rd 2010

GPs are boycotting the Summary Care Record

Pulse – a healthcare trade magazine – have conducted a thorough and intriguing investigation into the roll-out of the Summary Care Record and found that one in six GPs are boycotting the scheme: Among practices specifically invited to join the rollout, one in six has refused to do so, according to figures obtained under the […]

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