Dec 10th 2019

Tap & track: how shops use your card payments to link your in-store and online spending.

Big Brother Watch supporter, Tank Green, explains how she discovered her card payments were used to link her in-store and online shopping – and how she challenged it. I’d wager that almost everyone reading this blog post has at least one preferred retailer that they have shopped from both on and offline. For instance, you […]

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Jan 21st 2019

Universal Credit, benefits and automated risk scores – are you affected?

As part of our investigation into automated decision making in the welfare system, we are interested in hearing from anyone who may have been subject to an unfair automated decision in their Universal Credit and/or other benefits applications. If you have been affected, please email us: If you would like find out how your […]

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Jun 24th 2018

5 million biometric IDs by the back door – HMRC’s voice IDs, your rights and the law

DOES HMRC HAVE YOUR VOICE ID? Big Brother Watch expects HMRC to delete its giant database of voice IDs – but at the very least, it must publish accessible information as to how individuals can easily and securely have their voiceprint deleted. The ICO is now investigating this issue. However, if you want to take […]

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Apr 26th 2012

Indiscriminate or widespread monitoring under ACTA illegal, warns EU

In January, we highlighted how new efforts to combat counterfeit goods could mean a huge degree of monitoring of internet connections. Under the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) we warned that the implications of the law would force ISPs to police  everything that their customers did online or be held liable for any illegal activity […]

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Apr 2nd 2012

Big Brother will be watching you

In an unprecedented step that will see Britain adopt the same kind of surveillance as China and Iran, police and intelligence officers are to be handed powers to monitor people’s messages online.  The plans have been described as an “attack on the privacy” of a vast number of Britons by the Independent and have attracted […]

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