Sep 21st 2011

Westminster Council unveils plans for social media monitoring

In the aftermath of the London riots, there has been a range of ‘interesting’ ideas around social media and digital communications.¬† Today’s Times carries one such example – Westminster council is to set up a ‘gang information desk‘ to monitor and report suspicious activity¬†on-line. It’s not clear if they will be monitoring only public information […]

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Jun 8th 2010

Remember, the internet is not a private place

It hasn't escaped Big Brother Watch's attention that we are increasingly reporting on the dangers of social networking, the security of our email and WiFi accounts and general concerns about what happens to our online browsing history. In fact, to catalogue this slew of stories, we have now added a new category to our word […]

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Jan 18th 2010

Man arrested under terrorism act for Twitter joke

Last week a 26 year-old man, upon hearing that his local airport was closed due to snow and with a planned trip to Ireland just 8 days away, wrote the following 'tweet' to his followers on social-networking site Twitter: "Robin Hood airport is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise […]

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Nov 5th 2009

Big Brother Watch expands onto Facebook

The Big Brother Watch Facebook Group is now available here (you may need to log-in to your Facebook account before being able to see the group). Please do click the link above and join our group – membership is obviously free and you will be automatically approved. We are hoping the group will become a forum for discussion […]

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