Mail Online – Children warned past Tweets could harm their future

Big Brother Watch Team / April 5, 2021

Children have been warned that their previous Tweets could come back to haunt them as reports suggest police are recording ‘non-crime hate incidents’.

The Daily Telegraph revealed that police recorded over 2,000 occurrences over the last seven years.

Non-crime hate incidents include ‘hostility towards religion, race or transgender identity’ that are not classed as a crime.

Big Brother Watch Legal and Policy Officer Mark Johnson said: ‘Adding children’s names to a blacklist because they have posted distasteful views on social media is disproportionate and overbearing.

‘The police’s recording of non-crime hate incidents in this way threatens to trash the prospects of some young people, whose details are added to official police files even though they have not broken the law.’

Mail Online  –  Children are warned old tweets could ruin their lives: Backlash as it is revealed police are recording thousands of historic social media posts as non-crime ‘hate incidents’